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Crows Feet

Before botox treatment for Crows Feet
After botox treatment for Crows Feet

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This client is smiling in all of these photographs but as you can see the associated wrinkles have significantly improved. This client’s wrinkles were quite fine and therefore the amount of Botox used was reduced slightly so as to still produce a natural result. The client’s crows’ feet are also quite low down onto the cheek area. The lowest down wrinkles could not be treated as that would affect the way that the client smiled.

Frown Lines (Female)

Frown lines before botox treatment
Frown lines before botox
Frown Lines after botox treatment
Frown lines after botox

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Both of these clients were very young but particularly conscious of their crease between the eyebrows and were worried as a line had started to form at rest. As you can see, in the ‘after’ photos even though the clients are frowning, the lines between the eyebrows have gone.

Frown Lines (Male)

Frown lines before anti-wrinkle treament
Frown lines after anti-wrinkle treatment

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This male client wanted less wrinkles when he frowned but still wanted to be able to have movement and for it to look natural so that none of his friends would realise.

Smokers Lines

Smokers lines before botox treatment

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This client is not a smoker and actually it wasn’t the appearance of these lines above the upper lip that bothered her. Instead, it was the fact that as she had got older the upper lip felt ‘tighter’ and more uncomfortable and treatment with Botox really helped her with this. The smoother appearance was just an added bonus for her! With deeper smokers lines, a combination of anti-wrinkle treatment and dermal filler gives the best results.

Forehead Lines

Step one of botox treatment
Final results of botox treatment

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In both of these photographs, the client is raising her eyebrows but once the treatment with Botox has been done, no wrinkles formed so the skin looks smoother and fresher. This client also wanted a slightly more arched eyebrow to open up her eyes and this was achieved just by treating the forehead area alone, with carefully and skilfully placed Botox injections.

Forehead lines before botox treatment
Forehead lines after botox treatment

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This young client didn’t like the way her forehead wrinkles ‘bulged’ when she raised her eyebrows. She also wanted her eyebrows to be more arched in shape rather than flat. We only treated the forehead but managed to achieve fantastic results by completely smoothing all the wrinkles and also altering the eyebrows into a more flattering shape.

Dermal Fillers

Smokers Lines and Upper Lip Enhancement

Smokers lines before dermal fillers treatment
Smokers lines after dermal fillers treatment

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This client really disliked her small upper lip and didn’t feel like it was balanced with her lower lip. She also wanted to smooth her smoker/lipstick lines above the upper lip. The ‘after’ photo was taken immediately after the procedure so there is some swelling but the client was delighted with the result. The combination of treating the upper lip and the smokers lines together always gives a beautiful result and takes years off someone’s appearance.

Marionette Lines

Marionette lines before dermal fillers treatment

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The corners of this client’s mouth had started to droop and make her look unhappy even when she wasn’t. The ‘before’ photo shows the white pencil which has been marked out to show where the filler product will be placed. The corners of the mouth were also strengthened with dermal filler to keep the mouth in a more neutral position after the treatment. The best way to prevent further drooping is to also treat these marionette lines with anti-wrinkle injections so that the muscles pulling the corners of the mouth down are switched off.

Marionette lines before dermal fillers treatment
Marionette lines after dermal fillers treatment

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Mrs L was just about to go on a long trip to visit family in Malaysia and wanted to look her best. She had her marionette lines treated with dermal filler so that the corners of the mouth were lifted and the line from the mouth downwards was reduced significantly.

Nose to Mouth Lines

Before the dermal filler treatment
A week after dermal filler treatment

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As you can see, treating nose to mouth lines is one of the most dramatic ways to turn back the clock and instantly makes you look younger. It is also the dermal filler treatment that has the least associated swelling so most people can go straight back to normal life with no down time.

Upper Lip Enhancement

Lips before dermal filler treatment
Lips after dermal filler treatment

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Miss S is 26 and always felt her bottom lip was much larger than her top lip and therefore the two didn’t match….. Her main requirement was for the result to be as natural as possible so that none of her friends would notice the enhancement.

I reassured her that with nearly all of my new clients I use a lovely, smooth, subtle Juvederm 2 product. It doesn’t last as long as the thicker product (about 4/5 months compared to 6/7) but it gives clients who are new to the procedure an idea of what it is like without it being too overwhelming.

She was delighted with the result and shown are Miss S’s ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos – the ‘after’ photo was taken straight after treatment so you can see a little needle mark and some swelling, both of which soon disappeared.

Teeth Whitening

White Swan Whitening

Before Boutique teeth whitening treatment
After Boutique teeth whitening treatment

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White Swan Ultimate Whitening

Before ultimate teeth whitening treatment

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Before Ultimate teeth whitening treatment

Eyelash Serum

Prescription Eyelash Treatment

Before Prescription eyelash serum treatment

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This prescription eyelash solution makes your own eyelashes thicker, darker and most importantly longer.

Lumigan is a bimatoprost solution that works by keeping eyelashes in their growth phase for longer. It was originally a treatment on the NHS for Glaucoma but when they realized the grannies and grandpa’s were getting the longest, most luscious eyelashes in the hospital, it was then marketed as a prescription only eyelash lengthening solution.

In all the before and after photos the eyelashes are completely natural, with no mascara

Eyelashes before prescription eyelash serum
Eyelashes after prescription eyelash treatment