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Facial aesthetics is an art. Stunning enhancements and beautiful refreshing anti-ageing treatments rely on the perfect blend of knowledge, skill, a delicate approach and an artistic eye. The doctors at White Swan are trained to understand the subtleties in face shape and how to hand-craft results which work in harmony with each client's individual features. Our doctors take the time to carry out the carefully constructed 6-step White Swan consultation protocol so that the perfect, bespoke treatment package can be put together and the best possible treatment outcomes delivered.

Our Philosophy

White Swan has developed a unique, 6-step consultation protocol to ensure our doctors get the vital information they need in in order to offer the best treatment recommendations and advice.


Establish treatment objectives and key aims.


Asses facial proportion and balance of the features


Examine facial structure and areas of volume loss


Identify are related changes including neck


Skin type, texture and quality analysis


Required time scale to achieve goals

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All consultation information and treatment records including the product and doses required are carefully recorded on our secure iconsult iPad software so you can rest assured that your data is 100% secure and confidential and your treatment records can be accessed by your doctor at any time. This accurate iPad record keeping means that at each appointment, you and your doctor can reflect together on the treatment information and photographs from previous visits and in this way, the perfect treatment profile for you can be built. Our Privacy Policy explains how and why we use your information.

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