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It's Your Secret


A talented and experienced doctor can enhance your features and turn back the clock without even those closest to you suspecting a thing. You inwardly have a little giggle every time a friend asks you whether you have changed your foundation or been on holiday because you look "so well" and "so fresh".

Love At First Jab

22386632_10154749926731856_2121091767_n The attachment you have once you have finally found the perfect Botox Dr is an inseparable one. They understand your face and take the time to hand craft the perfect result for you, how could you ever leave their side again? You detect the panic rising in your voice when they announce a holiday, wrinkles are a code red situation requiring immediate attention, you must understand that?!  

Mug Shot Alert

22447064_10154749927136856_385612076_n Your aesthetic doctor has the funniest collection of photos of you that you could ever imagine existing. They put your passport photo to shame. Eyebrows up, pouting lips and smiling like a crazy clown to name a few. Together they would make an album worthy of any Halloween movie.  

Feeling A Million Dollars

22403936_10154749926846856_753381532_o The treatment settles and you walk out of the house like Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality. You can’t stop looking at your luscious lips or smooth forehead and hope no one discovers the hundreds of selfies you have taken from every angle.  

Turn That Frown Upside Down

22207334_10154732892386856_1063893701_n When your kids say “Mummy why do you always look angry now?” and you know you are overdue for your Botox.   Dr Imogen, White Swan Aesthetics “I feel truly privileged that so many women entrust me with their faces, their secrets and their friendship. It’s a serious business but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a little fun along the way”