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Dr Katy gets Botox at the Brewhouse Wheathampstead!

The dentists and doctors from White Swan Aesthetics visit a different salon from their portfolio each weekend. This gives them the opportunity to meet new clients face to face and answer questions about treatments.


Last weekend Dr Katy and Dr Imogen spent the day in the lovely Old Brewhouse Hair and Spa in Wheathampstead/St Albans Hertfordshire and were made to feel very welcome by all the clients and staff.

They talked to lots of clients about Botox treatment and the two main concerns that arose were the fear of looking frozen and the discomfort of the treatment.


Dr Imogen has Botox treatment regularly herself and so was able to show clients first hand that she still had facial expression and that the face looks completely natural, just without the wrinkles.


Dr Katy was keen to prove how comfortable the treatment is and so volunteered to have Dr Imogen treat her with Botox as a demonstration in one of the beautiful clinic rooms in the luxury Hertfordshire salon. So Dr Katy got to experience the relaxing environment of this St Albans salon for herself - with gentle music, candles and the soft scent of perfume. The whole treatment lasted just 15 minutes and clients could see for themselves how comfortable the procedure was, the needles are so fine that you can barely feel them.

Dr Katy is very happy with the results of her Botox 1 week later and now she can show clients herself just how natural it can look!


You can see Dr Katy’s before and after photos for yourself below – in both images she is raising her eyebrows but after the Botox the wrinkles have disappeared and the skin is smooth.


Dr Katy is a fully qualified dentist with great experience in facial aesthetics and she is the main practitioner in the Brewhouse salon in Wheathampstead/St Albans Hertfordshire. She has gentle hands and will put you at ease immediately.


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