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Teeth Whitening In Caterham, Surrey

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One of the most popular, dramatic and safest cosmetic dental procedures is teeth whitening. Clients are always amazed at how much brighter and more beautiful their smile is after the treatment.

Teeth can discolour because of staining from food/drink, smoking, age or they simply may not be as naturally white as other people’s. Professional teeth whitening removes staining, lightens the colour and restores your smile and confidence at the same time.

Dr Fariba is the resident White Swan dentist in the Caterham, Surrey clinic and has over 20 years’ experience and has a wealth of knowledge about cosmetic dentistry.

We have two teeth whitening treatment options. Our White Swan whitening uses a boutique product with 6% Hydrogen Peroxide and is a personalised home care system.

Our Ultimate whitening treatment is an Enlighten product that uses 10% and 16% Carbamide Peroxide, which are the strongest concentrations authorised for use in the UK. Ultimate Whitening guarantee patients achieve the whitest natural shade, Vita shade B1 with both home and in surgery treatments to give a truly vibrant smile.

Before deciding to embark on professional teeth whitening, every client receives a comprehensive, detailed consultation and mini dental exam. Dr Fariba also offers complete smile transformation programmes including lip augmentation, reduction of ‘barcode’ or ‘smokers’ lines, gummy smile treatments and of course our signature whitening.

We have built our reputation on providing skilful, natural and artistic facial aesthetics and strive to achieve the highest level of client care in our fantastic Caterham location.

Alongside Teeth Whitening, our range of treatments include:

Eyelash Lengthening Lumigan serum
Botox: including forehead, frown, crow’s feet, Nefertiti neck lift and masseters to slim the face and jaw.
Dermal fillers including lip enhancements and non-surgical nose reshaping.
PDO mini facelift treatment
PRP skin resurfacing, Profhilo skin remodelling and Obagi medical grade prescription skincare.

All consultations are complimentary so please don’t hesitate to contact one of our knowledgeable treatment coordinators on 03335777926 to find our more information or to book an appointment in our Caterham, Surrey clinic. 


White Swan Whitening


White Swan Ultimate Whitening


Whitening Top-up

White Swan - £50
White Swan Ultimate - £150

More Information

30 min consultation + dental impressions
Pick up precision trays + bleach
At home bleaching 2 weeks
'Power Boost' 1 hour with Ultimate Whitening

Time it takes to work
2 weeks

Back to work

No anaesthetic needed

Sensitivity period
1 hour

Duration of results
Forever, if topped up

Dental fillings and crowns will not bleach
Sensitivity (near zero with ultimate whitening)

Full recovery
24 hours

Step-by-step Process

A full dental consultation is carried out by a White Swan dentist to ensure you are suitable for treatment and your starting tooth shade is taken.

Precise moulds of the upper and lower teeth are taken. These need to be very accurate so that the whitening trays will suction onto the teeth and allow the maximum concentration of bleach to adhere onto them.

Our teeth whitening trays, showing syringe administering bleach.

With the Ultimate Whitening you come into the salon for a 1 hour whitening "Power Boost" which should mean that your teeth reach that final perfect shade of B1.