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Eyelash Lengthening Near Child’s Hill

Merit Wellbeing

592 Finchley Road
NW11 7RX

Many people have a desire for longer, fuller eyelashes, and until recently there were few choices available to achieve this look. Fake eyelashes provide the desired result, but they can be uncomfortable to wear and challenging to maintain. A new treatment has arrived which can lengthen and thicken your natural lashes, and this prescription-only treatment is available through White Swan Aesthetics.

Lumigan is a topical eyelash serum which is applied in the evenings before you go to bed. Over the course of a few weeks you’ll notice your natural eyelashes becoming longer and thicker, with significant improvements around the 4 week point. You can maintain the results for as long as you continue to apply the serum, and stopping the treatment will return your lashes to their natural condition.

We are pleased to offer this new treatment to our clients. For clients near Child’s Hill, we have partnered with the excellent FAABCAW salon to offer eyelash lengthening treatments alongside our other facial aesthetics treatments. FAABCOW offer a range of hair and beauty treatments in a relaxed and professional environment. For more information on this treatment, or our other treatments like Botox or Dermal Fillers, please contact us.

Pricing from £60

10-week course


More Information

Procedure time

Consultation and prescription

Daily use at night

Time it takes to work
1-3 months

Back to work

No anaesthetic needed

Duration of results
Requires continued use

Pigmentation and eye changes in light coloured eyes

Step-by-step Process

Consultation with a White Swan doctor

Apply eyelash serum on upper eyelashes before bed each night with a micro brush

After 4 weeks initial eyelash changes will be seen

After 6-8 weeks eyelashes will be thicker, darker and longer