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The Future is Bright, The Future is White Swan

Teeth whitening is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, with a huge increase in media attention and everyone wanting to achieve the Hollywood Smile. But with so many different methods and so many products, how can you work out which one is the best? Follow our simple guidelines and you won’t go wrong.
After all, it takes more muscles to frown than to smile, so why not have something worth smiling about!

1. Anyone can provide home tooth whitening

The law has changed so that tooth whitening can only be carried out by a dentist, or under the prescription of a dentist. It is illegal for anyone other than a dentist to prescribe home teeth whitening where the concentration of hydrogen peroxide (the active whitening ingredient) is between 0.1- 6% (the legal limit).

This means that it is illegal for anyone who is not dentally qualified to provide tooth whitening. White Swan is unique in that it is run by dentists who are able to carry out this treatment safely and legally in beauty salons and clinics across the country. A consultation with any of the team can answer your questions and give you an individual assessment of your smile.

2. Will tooth whitening work on my teeth?

Enlighten is the only home whitening system in the world to guarantee VITA Shade B1, irrespective of your starting shade or habits (including smoking, drinking red wine and consuming tomato-based foods). B1 is the lightest, natural shade on a dentist’s shade guide, and 95% of patients can achieve this shade after two weeks of home whitening.

3. Tooth whitening lasts forever

Whilst the results can be permanent, most patients find they need to occasionally ‘top up’ to maintain their new whiter shade. Those with lifestyle habits of smoking or consuming red wine may require a more regular top up. The advantage of home whitening is that you are in control. This means you can top up as often or as little as you like!

4. Tooth whitening won’t work for me because I smoke

Enlighten tooth whitening guarantees shade B1 without having to alter your habits. However, as a smoker you may need to ‘top up’ your shade more regularly.

5. Tooth whitening has lots of unwanted side effects

Tooth whitening is a safe and effective way of improving your smile. Side effects experienced through tooth whitening and minor and temporary, the main one being sensitivity and gum irritation during the procedure.
Your dentist has lots of hints and tips as to how to minimise these side effects. Often your dentist will provide you with a special tooth serum to help with sensitivity. However, some patients will experience no side effects at all.

6. I can buy whitening products from the supermarket which are just as effective

Often these over the counter products contain acids and other harmful substances that can actually damage your teeth, rather than improve the aesthetics in a safe and harmless way. As it is illegal for anyone other than a dentist to use bleach (with the active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, over 0.1%), many home whitening kits contain alternative ingredients that are not as effective.

7. Will tooth whitening change the shade of my crowns and fillings?

Tooth whitening only lightens the shade of your natural teeth and will have no effect on your current dental work.