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Harley Street Emporium

Published on Sunday, 14 Jul 2019

Dr Advice: Summer Skin Care Tips


Published on Tuesday, 02 Jul 2019

Folliculitis: how to treat and prevent shaving rash

Luxuria Lifestyle

Published on Thursday, 13 Jun 2019

Dr Charlotte D’Souza – White Swan Aesthetics


Published on Saturday, 23 Mar 2019

Salons Are Colouring Hair With Rose, Rhubarb, and Cassis, and We're Totally Down With That

Glamour Magazine

Published on Monday, 18 Mar 2019

Bad breath, swollen gums and throbbing pain: This is what your teeth and gums are trying to tell you...

Olivia Cox

Published on Monday, 04 Mar 2019

5 Of The Best: London Beauty Treatments


Published on Thursday, 31 Jan 2019

Is it safe to whiten your teeth at home?


Published on Tuesday, 29 Jan 2019

New Year, New You

Luxe Bible

Published on Monday, 28 Jan 2019

Boutique Teeth Whitening at White Swan Aesthetics – The Results


Published on Thursday, 04 Oct 2018

Is The Secret To Liz Hurley’s Eternal Youth Doing Her Skin More Harm Than Good?

Mail Online

Published on Thursday, 04 Oct 2018

Why the lesser-known vitamin F is the key to getting plump and glowing skin - because it helps to keep it hydrated


Published on Thursday, 27 Sep 2018

Does Chewing Gum Cause Wrinkles? It Actually Does Have Some Pretty Unexpected Side Effects

Glamour Magazine

Published on Friday, 14 Sep 2018

Here's what giving up alcohol will actually do for your skin


Published on Sunday, 26 Aug 2018

Which £1.39 bargain face cream gives 'a glow like no other'? Celebrity beauty experts reveal the budget buys they swear by


Published on Sunday, 26 Aug 2018

The 'dandruff scraping trend' is gross AND bad for you

Che Donna

Published on Monday, 20 Aug 2018

Dundruff Scratching la nuova sgradevole tendenza di YouTube

Au Feminin

Published on Sunday, 19 Aug 2018

Le Dandruff Scratching, la nouvelle tendance peu ragoûtante (et dangereuse) de YouTube


Published on Saturday, 18 Aug 2018

How a sex drought affects your mind and body

Paris Match

Published on Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018

La fascinante (et dangereuse) tendance du « grattage de pellicules »