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Polydioxanone, or PDO, is a type of synthetic polymer that has been adopted by the aesthetics industry to help combat the physical signs of ageing by tightening and lifting the facial tissues. PDO has been used in surgery for many generations and is one of the safest materials that can be used in the body. They are naturally absorbed after six months and do not leave any scar tissue. Skin loses its elasticity over time and allows gravity to take its effect, resulting in sagging of the cheeks, jawline and neck. The facial structure and contour changes, creating a ‘square’ outline rather than a more youthful ‘V’ face shape. PDO thread lifts are the only non-surgical treatment which actually tighten these tissues and restore the ‘V’ shape to the face. The threads also act as a scaffold underneath the skin, stimulating collagen production and preventing the tissues from dropping. There is also a second type of PDO thread treatment - ‘mini’ collagen boosting threads. You can place these almost anywhere in the face and neck and they create microscopic injuries in the hypodermis of the skin. This helps restore the structural integrity of skin by stimulating collagen production and the end result is smoother skin with improved quality. These mini threads do not give a lifting effect but they are an ideal, very natural way, of treating ‘lipstick lines’ above the lip, under eye wrinkles and crepey skin on the neck. PDO thread lifts are non-invasive, with a short recovery time. The risks are much lower than with surgery and yet the results can still last 2-3 years. The threads stimulate the body to repair itself and therefore the results are very natural and the treatment actually benefits the skin and tissues. PDO threading treatment is most commonly used to lift, tighten and smoothen the skin of the face and neck. Inserting PDO threads into the skin's innermost layer can lift drooping jowls, tighten sagging cheeks and eliminate turkey necks In order to achieve the best possible results, it is important that you have an initial, full face, bespoke consultation with one of our highly trained doctors. We use a unique 6 stage protocol to ensure that your face shape, proportions and volume loss are all assessed. This allows us to plan your thread lift effectively and additional treatments or skincare which may compliment the treatment can be recommended. For more information on our PDO thread lift treatments, please contact us on 03335777926. Consultations are complimentary. Call us on 0333 577 7926 or contact us via our booking page Dentists have a detailed knowledge of head and neck anatomy and excellent manual dexterity. This unique skill set is perfect for offering facial aesthetic procedures. and receive a free Whitening Top Up or a free additional anti-wrinkle area with your next treatment.