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Profhilo – the non-surgical facelift effect

Dr Imogen, founder of White Swan Aesthetics, has built her reputation and business on promoting skill and safety within the aesthetics industry. White Swan now have 10 beautiful clinics, all with fully qualified dentists and doctors, across London and the home counties including Caterham.

White Swan promote the use of non-surgical aesthetic treatments including Botox, dermal fillers and skin rejuvenation with the aim of achieving natural results and enhancing each clients’ natural beauty.

The most important thing about choosing a safe and skilled practitioner, is that they are highly qualified and have experience treating a variety of clients. Dentists, in particular, have a very detailed knowledge of head and neck anatomy and their dexterity lends itself perfectly to the fine intricacies of injectable treatments.

The facial aesthetics industry was one of the fastest-growing in 2016, especially the use of Botox anti-wrinkle injections. It is also one of the most fast-paced industries, with new advances being made in anti-aging products each year.

One of the latest advances in the aesthetic world, and a treatment offered by White Swan Aesthetics in Caterham, is a revolutionary injectable pure hyaluronic acid product used to treat skin laxity and improve skin quality. It is called Profhilo and acts like a very powerful skin cream that works under the skin, rather than just on the surface, to give a non-surgical lift.

The best thing about Profhilo is that it remodels the skin, making it youthful again, without changing facial features so the results are completely natural.

Profhilo can be used on both the face and neck as well as the arms and chest.

Profhilo has just won the Anti-Aging and Beauty trophy for best skin enhancement device.