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The Truth about Botox

It is often difficult to separate fact from fiction when it comes to aesthetic treatments such as Botox so here Dr Imogen, White Swan Aesthetics Director, sets the record straight.

Botox is designed only for wrinkles

False: This misconception could not be further from the truth. It is also a successful migraine treatment, it is habitually used to lessen muscle stress and strain around the nervous system. It also offers a welcome relief for those who prone to undue sweating.

Botox is not safe to use

False: By far, this is the most common misconception about Botox. The truth is that it is an FDA-approved product, and besides being used to treat forehead, crows and frown wrinkles, it has also been extensively used to treat medical disorders.

Botox is not necessary until wrinkles appear

False: ‘Baby Botox’ can be used as a preventive treatment, keeping the skin smoother for longer and stopping existing getting deeper. The longer wrinkles are left untreated, the harder they are to eliminate and the more complex the treatment becomes.

Botox takes time to recover from

False: Actually, there is very little down time after Botox. The injections are painless and quick, and any marks or raised areas are likely to vanish 15 to 20 minutes after treatment.

Botox will give you a frozen face

False: Botox does not freeze the facial muscles but instead relaxes them and reduces their activity. Botox, if done by qualified doctors with an artistic eye, can look completely natural.

Botox is prepared from food poisoning

False: This is also one of the common misconceptions about Botox. Botox is, prepared from a sanitized protein, which is extracted from the Botulin toxin This protein is purified and made safe for use in the body. Botox has one of the highest consumer satisfaction rates at 87%.

The Doctors at White Swan offer complimentary consultations to discuss your individual aesthetic need and to answer any questions you may have about the often mystifying world of facial enhancements. Knowledge is power and we want all our clients to be as well informed as possible about the procedures we offer and the results that can be achieved.

Dr Imogen
Director of White Swan Aesthetics