Acne – Causes and Treatments

Acne is due to the over-production of sebum which clogs the pores, allowing acne bacteria to thrive which then cause redness, inflammation and bumps.

Sebum production is often increased in the “T-Zone” which is why many people experience more spots along the nose and forehead.

Acne across the jawline on the other hand is more associated with an imbalance in hormones and acne in this area can often get worse during menstruation.

Acne across the cheeks can be associated with the use of a mobile phone which damages the skin from friction and allows debris to collect on the skin.

Some acne treatments can target breakouts on specific areas of the face more effectively. Benzoly peroxide topical cream can be great for hormonal acne alongside trying to improve the balance of hormones by taking the contraceptive pill.

Antibiotics can help reduce the inflammation associated with acne providing they are takin long term.

Most acne treatments, especially the retinol-based ones, are focused on reducing the production of sebum and therefore allowing the pores to remain clear and small.

Accutane is from the retinol family and it is the most successful but also potentially damaging treatment and so it is reserved for treating the most severe cases.