Baby Botox

There is a new trend in the non-surgical cosmetic industry of Baby Botox which is where younger people are choosing to have a small amount of Botox to smooth early lines and prevent wrinkles from forming in the future while maintaining a natural appearance.

Traditionally Botox was used to treat clients in the 40+ age category who already had lines and wrinkles on their face and wanted to turn back the clock. In more recent years, doctors are now advising their clients to start younger to prevent these lines developing in the first place with the use of Baby Botox. This treatment method gives far better long-term results and often avoids future more complex aesthetic treatments.

The aim is to soften and relax the facial muscles with a small amount of Botox so that the skin cells can replenish collagen, which is so important in order to maintain beautifully smooth youthful skin. Therefore, Baby Botox enables you to slow the ageing process without affecting facial features or the ability to express emotions.

Baby Botox is mainly used for the treatment of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, the frown and on the forehead. Eyebrows can also be lifted to help open up the eyes or arch the eyebrows more.

At White Swan Aesthetics all our procedures, including Baby Botox, are carried out by fully qualified doctors and dentists who have advanced qualifications in aesthetic procedures.

Our doctors have extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and use this knowledge to specifically target key muscle suitable for the Baby Botox while ensuring the dose is low enough to allow the client to allow some facial movement.

The injections themselves take, on average, 10 minutes and the results are seen after 7-14 days. Repeat treatments for ‘Baby Botox’ are required every 3-4 months for optimum results.

There are very few contraindications to having ‘Baby Botox’ as it is a very safe treatment with a long track record. It has a wealth of clinical evidence supporting its use for many different conditions including excessive sweating and movement disorders. At White Swan, all the doctors carefully assess each client and ensure that all treatments provided are both safe and suitable.

Baby Botox is becoming increasingly popular, especially in London. The negative public perception of the frozen older lady is being replaced with a new generation of Baby Botoxers with naturally glowing, smooth skin. Do not be left behind. Join the ‘Baby Botox’ revolution .Call us on 0333 577 7926 or contact us via our booking page