Spring Has Sprung

Hello, lovelies!

Well, it’s been another busy month at the White Swan Aesthetic Clinics. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting and treating all of our wonderful clients, thank you so much for your amazing reviews and feedback – we fully appreciate it!

NEW! Non-invasive Nose Reshaping

We are thrilled to announced that we are now offering Non-invasive Nose Reshaping. This treatment aims to redefine and reshape the nose, its purpose is to smooth out any bumps as well as ‘lift’ the tip of the nose. We use a dense dermal filler injected in nano droplets and in precise locations along the nose, enabling us to have total control over the final shape and contours. Results are immediate and last up to one year. Dr Raj and Dr Imogen perform the treatment and they both have a fantastic knowledge and expertise in this treatment. Available at our Harley Street, Epsom, and Wimbledon Clinics.

Call us on 0333 577 7926 for more information or to book your treatment.

“Flawless skin takes commitment, not a miracle.”

Spring is finally upon us and what better way to achieve that gorgeous, glossy, and glowing skin that with a specialised skincare plan? At White Swan Aesthetics we pride ourselves on creating personalised skin programmes for each individual. Our team of skin experts are available for consultations where we can learn more about your skin goals, your lifestyle, and your current skincare regime. Once we know a little more about you and your skin, we will prescribe a customised treatment programme that is perfectly suited to your specific skin requirements and goals. Our simple yet effective treatment plan can be maintained at home and every step was designed to target and address skin concerns head on. Call us on 0333 577 7926 for more information or to book your complimentary consultation.

Skincare ingredient of the month: Glycolic Acid

We’re always asked what ingredients we look out for in skincare and our recommendation on products for certain skin types, and we love the thrill of getting our hands on beauty products which contain the most talked about ingredients. But what we love more is getting our hands on the products and discovering ourselves that they really really work.

This month the spotlight is on Alpha Hydroxy Acids (known as AHA’s, including glycolic, lactic, and citric amongst a few) derived from plant sugars (hence being commonly referred to as a ‘fruit acid’), Glycolic acid is a form of chemical exfoliator. It has the smallest molecules of all AHAs, enabling it to effectively penetrate the upper layers of the skin. Glycolic is effective at taking off the surface layers of dead skin, to reveal fresher, more luminous skin beneath! It is an excellent treatment for mature, sun-damaged skin, thanks to its ability to increase cell turnover and remove dull, dead surface cells. There is also substantial evidence that it can change the structure of the skin, thickening the dermis and stimulating collagen production. It is the holy grail for exfoliation, effectively removing the outermost layer of dead cells from the complexion, revealing brighter, fresher skin.