The Benefits Of Jawline Filler

There is an art to what we do here at White Swan Aesthetics, that’s why our philosophy is “Masters of Facial Artistry”. What many patients don’t realise is that treating fine lines and wrinkles is more than a “one size fits all” situation. This is where careful assessment and bespoke treatment planning is essential. The depth of the crease, location on the face, your age, skin type and treatment aims are all crucial factors to consider in order for us to deliver the best possible outcome from your jawline filler.

Medical-Grade Skincare

They say prevention is better than cure, which is why your specialist at White Swan Aesthetics might prescribe medical-grade skincare products for younger patients. Our Doctors are expertly trained in giving evidence-based advice and tailor their product recommendations specifically to your skin following an in-depth analysis.

Obagi is one of the most respected skincare ranges throughout the aesthetics industry and is our brand of choice at White Swan Aesthetics. Obagi medical-grade prescription skincare offers great results in isolation or as an accompaniment to your non-surgical treatments at the clinic.

Have you ever tried Retinol cream? It’s regarded as the holy grail of non-surgical wrinkle treatments. Obagi offers prescription medical-grade retinoids that really deliver wrinkle-busting results. Ask us about it during your consultation!

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Commonly known as Botox®, anti-wrinkle injections are widely recognised as a way to minimise the appearance of fine lines when administered with expert care and consideration. Our Doctors are highly trained, experienced and will ensure the best possible results with every treatment, including jawline filler. Long gone are the days of frozen faces and Botox® horror stories!

There is a difference between prevention and cure, and there’s also a difference between fine lines and wrinkles. What you will tend to find with anti-wrinkle injections is that they are a much better option for younger patients who have fine lines. We even offer a “Baby Botox®” approach, which ensures that natural facial movement is maintained as much as possible while still minimising the appearance of those smaller facial creases.

This treatment option is recommended for more delicate areas that are susceptible to premature ageing, such as the skin around the eyes, forehead, neck and mouth.

Jawline Filler and Dermal Fillers

When it comes to deeper wrinkles, dermal fillers might be the best option for you. Our skilled specialists take the time to assess ageing skin in order to effectively turn back the clock with one of the most popular aesthetic procedures on the market. Dermal fillers lift and plump the skin from within, with instantly noticeable results that create perfect harmony between your facial features. 

This type of treatment is often a better solution as we get older because deep wrinkles become increasingly common over time. The results that are achievable with dermal fillers are much more dramatic, yet still natural-looking, because there’s nothing worse than lumpy, over-filled features. 

Frown lines, smile lines and smoker’s lines are just a few of the problem areas where dermal fillers can offer great results. 

Chemical Peels

Obagi isn’t just the gold standard in medical-grade skincare – they also offer an unmatched range of fantastic chemical face peels. Exfoliate and brighten up your tone with the Obagi Blue Peel Radiance, otherwise known as the “smurf peel”, at White Swan Aesthetics. This superficial 20% salicylic acid-based peel restores firmness and smoothness for a more youthful complexion. Fine lines and wrinkles don’t stand a chance!

Your specialist doctor will tailor each peel specifically to you, depending on your skin type and sensitivity. The deeper peels may only require one session to deliver a full skin transformation but the degree of peeling and downtime is more significant (7-10 days). Our superficial peels or medium TCA peels may only cause mild peeling and redness and have you party-ready in days, but ideally these form a series of 4 sessions 4 weeks apart.

Fine Lines, Jawline Filler And Wrinkles Experts

Our reputation is one of being “Masters of Facial Artistry” and we employ only the best techniques and products to address early signs of ageing. Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our dedicated treatment coordinators and begin your journey towards a fresher you! 
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