Anti-Wrinkle Injections – True or False?

Anti-wrinkle injections involve having a small amount of solution placed just beneath the skin. This is placed with the smallest possible injection to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. They work by preventing nerves from communicating with muscles. The muscle is held still preventing wrinkles from developing and allowing existing wrinkles to fade away. Afterwards the area may be raised and red for up to half an hour. However once this settles there is no recovery time and so you can return to your normal routine. The effect will slowly set in so your friends and family will not know you’ve had the treatment, unless you tell them! The treatment is not permanent and will gradually wear off after 4-6 months. You may wish to have top ups at that point or wait for wrinkles to reappear before having the treatment again. They are great for facial aesthetics but did you know they can also be used for medical reasons such as:

  • prevent sweating (forehead/underarms/hands/feet
  • help relieve tension headaches and migraines
  • stop people grinding or clenching their teeth (also known as Bruxism)

They are painful: antiwrinkle injections naturally involve some mild discomfort but the treatment takes very little time and very few people experience pain. Most practitioners are trained to help keep you relaxed during the treatment too so a fear of injections should not put you off. Distortion: the frozen faces that you see the media are extreme examples of this treatment, you will still be able to move your face and show emotion after having the treatment. Paralysing: the solution has no effect on muscles themselves so following treatment you will still be able to move the muscles of your face to express emotion. Poisonous: the solution does not travel around your body or affect other parts and so you cannot be poisoned or overdose. Addictive: Since it does not spread through your body, there is also no way it can become addictive. The results however may be moreish!