Botox – Beautiful or Bonkers?

Are you surprised that over 1 million people each year have anti-wrinkle Botox injections in the UK? Each of you reading this will probably know friends or family who have had facial injectables. However, you will all also have a good number of friends who have been having it for years and you have never […]

Anti-Wrinkle Injections – True or False?

Anti-wrinkle injections involve having a small amount of solution placed just beneath the skin. This is placed with the smallest possible injection to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. They work by preventing nerves from communicating with muscles. The muscle is held still preventing wrinkles from developing and allowing existing wrinkles to fade away. […]

Spring Has Sprung

Hello, lovelies! Well, it’s been another busy month at the White Swan Aesthetic Clinics. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting and treating all of our wonderful clients, thank you so much for your amazing reviews and feedback – we fully appreciate it! NEW! Non-invasive Nose Reshaping We are thrilled to announced that we are now offering Non-invasive Nose […]

Vitamin F

What are the benefits will regular use of Vitamin F bring to our skin? Vitamin F, more commonly known as linoleic acid, is an essential fatty acid from the omega-6 family – Vitamin F’s main job is healing the skin’s barrier. So you’re going to love this ingredients if your skin is problematic, dry or […]

Tongue Health

What does a healthy tongue look like? The colour will vary from person to person but it should be pink with little bumps on called papillae. What can it mean if your tongue suddenly becomes deeper in colour? A red, smooth tongue can indicate iron deficiency or a viral infection and any significant change in […]

Acne – Causes and Treatments

Acne is due to the over-production of sebum which clogs the pores, allowing acne bacteria to thrive which then cause redness, inflammation and bumps. Sebum production is often increased in the “T-Zone” which is why many people experience more spots along the nose and forehead. Acne across the jawline on the other hand is more […]

Botox – Safety And Side Effects

Is Botox safe? What am I putting into my face? Are their harmful long term effects? The aesthetic industry is shrouded Mystery and confusion. Let me share a few key facts with you so that you can separate fact from fiction. How does it work? Botox reduces the nerve signals travelling to the facial muscles […]

Has mascara had its day?

By Dr Imogen – White Swan Aesthetics Director Mascara has been used to darken eyelashes and make them appear longer since the 1800’s. It is rather archaic if you think about it – it is simply paint for your lashes! Now that we have Lumigan, a prescription eyelash solution, instead of faking it we can […]

Skin Texture Treatments

A few of you have been keen to know more about improving skin texture and I think it’s a good time to cover this now because it incorporates many of the topics we have already discussed! Therefore, we can use our new knowledge and apply it to understanding which treatments are best at re-texturising the […]