Botox – Beautiful or Bonkers?

Are you surprised that over 1 million people each year have anti-wrinkle Botox injections in the UK?

Each of you reading this will probably know friends or family who have had facial injectables. However, you will all also have a good number of friends who have been having it for years and you have never even realised. This is the art of well-administered aesthetic treatment.

White Swan’s qualified doctors and dentists offer anti-wrinkle injections (commonly called Botox), dermal fillers, peroxide teeth whitening and prescription eyelash lengthening in salons across London, Surrey and Hertfordshire

Will my face look like a mask?

Your face doesn’t have to look like a ‘mask’ but instead, our skilled practitioners can give you the look you desire – whether that be as smooth as a baby’s bottom or a subtle, preventative ‘Baby Botox’ effect, the choice is yours.

The same can be said for dermal fillers. Some White Swan clients love larger luscious lips and well-defined cheekbones whereas others are looking for a more gentle enhancement, which compliments their natural features.

Surely it is not safe to have teeth whitening in a salon?

Teeth whitening in beauty salons has been a controversial topic for the past few years. It used to be the case that anyone, without even a qualification to their name, could administer peroxide whitening in a salon. As you can imagine, this lead to some really unpleasant consequences. The government stepped in to put an end to these risky, unregulated practices and so now only qualified dentists, like those working with White Swan, can perform teeth whitening.

These stringent regulations match our ethos of ‘safety above all else’. Dentists, with their extensive knowledge of the teeth and gums, can make sure the peroxide teeth bleaching treatment is carried out carefully and safely. We pride ourselves in being able to give clients beautifully white teeth, at a far cheaper price than the dentist, in the comfort of the luxurious salon environment.

How can my actual eyelashes get thicker, darker and longer?

Lattisse/Lumigan has just exploded onto the marketplace in both the UK and America. It was originally used in the NHS to treat Glaucoma, a common eye condition in older people. Over time, the doctors were surprised to find that their cohort of aging grannies and grandpa’s had the most glamorous, desirable eyelashes in the hospital! This prescription-only solution was found to increase the length of time that eyelashes were in their growth phase. The result was long, dark, thick natural lashes without the bother of extensions. Become part of this eyelash revolution.