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Botox is a popular treatment used to help prevent the appearance of new wrinkles and reduce the visibility of existing ones. When used on targeted areas of the face, such as the forehead and ‘crow’s feet’, the overall result is a fresher, more youthful appearance. Clients can usually see the full effects of the treatment after a week or two and the results typically last between 3 and 5 months.

Another popular treatment approach is ‘Baby Botox’, used by younger clients as a pre-emptive measure to preserve their smooth, unblemished skin and combat early signs of ageing, whilst still maintaining a very natural appearance.

White Swan Aesthetics have a beautiful clinic in the heart of St Albans. Dr Sim is our resident doctor at this location and is highly trained in the art of delivering expert Botox results as well as many other advanced dermal filler and skin remodelling treatments. Dr Sim, in particular, is an expert at tear trough under eye dermal filler and advanced cannula techniques.

The White Swan philosophy is that our unique 6 step consultation protocol, including skin and facial proportion analysis, combined with our gold standard product range is the winning combination. Across all of our clinics we only use market leading products with the most clinical evidence behind them including Juvederm, Restylane, Aliaxin and Teosyal. Our belief is that ‘one shoe does not fit all’ and so the doctor will assess your skin type and treatment goals and carefully select the most appropriate product to suit your needs and deliver the best possible result.

We have built our reputation on providing skilful, natural and artistic facial aesthetics and strive to achieve the highest level of client care in our beautiful St Albans clinic.

Our range of treatments include:

Botox, Dermal fillers, including lip augmentation, chin, jawline, tear trough, cheeks and smile lines.
Profhilo skin remodelling treatments and Obagi medical grade prescription skincare both tie in perfectly with our other injectable procedures to create long-lasting, beautiful treatment outcomes.

All consultations are complimentary so please don’t hesitate to contact one of our knowledgeable treatment coordinators on 03335777926 to find our more information or to book an appointment in our St Albans clinic.
We do kindly ask for a £50 deposit which can be used towards a treatment of your choice. It is refundable if the consultation is cancelled with more than 24h notice or you decide not to proceed with treatment.

Treatment Areas


Forehead/Migraine Treatment

Botox relaxes the facial muscles that cause lines and creasing, therefore reducing existing wrinkles and preventing new ones from developing. Lots of our clients request a very soft “Baby Botox” approach on the forehead which still allows movement of the eyebrows but without the deeper lines appearing. Other clients want a strong and super smooth approach. This is why our doctors carry out an initial, detailed consultation so that they can select the correct dosing and injection placement for each person to achieve their desired goals.

Botox for the forehead can also be a miracle treatment for migraine sufferers and people who get tension headaches as the forehead muscles are more relaxed after Botox treatment.

White Swan review all treatments and offer a complimentary “top up” after two weeks, if required. On average, the treatment lasts 3-5 months. You will get the best long-term outcome and most wrinkle prevention benefits by repeating the treatment just as it wears off. However, if you decide not to continue then your facial muscles will return completely to their natural state.

Frown (Glabella)

The vertical lines between your eyebrows are otherwise known as the “number 11 lines” or the glabella area because each time you frown or squint in the sun, the glabella muscle pulls together, creating this crease. This muscle is one of the strongest in the face and therefore the frown lines between the eyebrows are often the first on the face to form and as time goes on, they can become very prominent. If left too long, Botox alone may not completely smooth the lines and therefore a combination of Botox and delicately placed dermal filler may be required. Treating this area with Botox still means you have full movement of your upper forehead thereby making it look and feel natural.

Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet, or laughter lines, appear at the corners of your eyes when you smile or squint. Treating this area softens the lines without affecting your smile. For those clients looking for a soft and natural approach, the crow’s feet and glabella make a beautiful Botox combination because you still have movement of the forehead area whist smoothing creasing between the brows and around the eyes.

Eyebrow Lift

Botox can be used to lift the eyebrows and open up the eyes. A small dose can be carefully put under the tail end of the brow which will make it slightly more arched. Botox can also be used to correct uneven brows and facial asymmetries when done by an experienced doctor who understands facial anatomy and the movement of the facial muscles.

Bunny Nose

If you scrunch your nose when you smile and laugh or look into the sun, you may develop bunny nose lines. Botox can soften these creases on the nose area and is an area which works well in combination with Botox around the eyes and frown area.

Gummy Smile

Many people show more gum, when they smile, than they would like. The Aesthetic ideal is to show around half of your upper teeth when you smile or just a small amount of gum. Botox can be easily used to correct this and drop the lip downwards a little so that when you smile wide, less gum is visible. This is a useful technique which our doctors and dentists can use to hide the edges of fillings or crowns if they have discoloured.

Lift The Corners Of The Mouth/Marionette Lines

Drooping at the corners of your mouth can be due to a combination of ageing, genetics, weight loss or sun damage. The depressor muscle either side of the lower lip pulls the corners of the mouth down and applying Botox to this area can restore the mouth to a more neutral, happier position. The deeper lines that extend from the corners of the mouth downwards are called the marionette lines and filler may be required, in combination with the Botox, to plump and lift this area.

Smokers / Lipstick Lines

Superficial lines above the upper lip, otherwise known as “barcode lines” can be easily treated with a small amount of Botox. These are caused by the muscular action when smoking, puckering the lips or whistling. If there has been volume lost around the lip area then a little filler may be required to further improve the results.

Nefertiti Neck Lift/Platysmal Bands

This is a completely non-invasive treatment with Botox that targets the jawline and neck, tightening the muscles and creating a little lift. It’s named after the Egyptian queen Nefertiti, who was considered to have an especially elegant and regal jawline. This treatment is considered to be two areas of Botox and specifically targets the jawline muscles and neck platysma, which are superficial muscles in the neck. This treatment can work really nicely with our Profhilio neck remodelling treatment which aims to improve the skin texture and quality.

Dimpled Chin

“Chin Pebbling” when talking or puckering the lips can leave the chin area dimpled and Botox can easily smooth this. A little carefully placed dermal filler into the chin area can also help to smooth and re-volumise the area, if required.

Hyperhidrosis (Excess Sweating)

Everybody sweats; however, some people suffer from excessive sweating which can be visible on light coloured clothes even in the winter time. Botox reduces the action of the sweat glands and can nearly eliminate the amount of sweat produced under the armpits. This is also a popular treatment for a special occasion, like a wedding, so you don’t have to worry about any sweat patches on the big day!

More Information

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Procedure time

30 minutes

Time it takes to work

1-2 weeks

Back to work



No anaesthetic needed

Sensitivity period

1 hour

Duration of results

3-4 months


Mild bruising/swelling Asymmetry (adjustment required) Allery (very rare)

Full recovery

24 hours

Step-by-step Process

The dentist or doctor will use their expertise to carefully map out the way your muscles move with white pencil and decide how to target them to achieve the best results possible.

Tiny insulin needles are used to place the solution under the skin. With the correct technique this is nearly painless.

Initially small bumps appear where the Botulin Toxin solution has been placed but these resolve within 20 minutes.

After 1-2 weeks the area will be smoother and the texture of the skin improved.

The doctor will review you and offer a complimentary top up, if required.