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White Swan love bringing our range of anti-aging injectable treatments including Botox, dermal fillers and Profhilo to the heart of Wimbledon. Feel free to contact one of our treatment coordinators on  or via our booking page to schedule a complimentary consultation or treatment appointment. All our doctors are expertly trained with many years of experience in advanced aesthetic procedures.

Client satisfaction is our top priority and so we always offer a complimentary review appointment after 2 weeks where a free “top up” can be provided to ensure optimum results.

Treatment Areas


Lip filler with hyaluronic acid is one of our most popular treatments and requires our doctors to be true artists as well as anatomists. Definition, texture, fullness and shape can all be improved using the correct dermal filler product in experienced hands. Our doctors take their time carrying out a thorough consultation and often ask clients to bring in pictures of the results they wish to achieve. Only then can the doctor select the perfect product from our dermal filler portfolio and create the desired appearance. Juvéderm,

Restylane and Teoxone are just some of the products that White Swan have to choose from to create a beautiful and natural lip enhancement. Older clients have lip filler treatment to restore their cupids bow which can flatten with age and reduce the lines within the lip. Both of these tweaks look natural and help to refresh the entire face.


Cheeks can flatten at the front with age and this is one of the key corrections that can be made with dermal filler, giving an instantly more youthful shape to the cheek. Cheek filler can also be used to sculpt and lift the cheek bones, creating definition. Our doctors will analyse, measure and mark up your face and cheeks to determine the ideal projection and shape to suit you and your age, thereby creating an enhanced but natural result.

Nose to Mouth Lines/Marionettes

The lines that extend from the nose to the mouth and the marionette lines which extend from the mouth downwards can both be very effectively treated with dermal filler. Our cannula technique minimises any bruising or swelling and means our doctors get a beautifully smooth result. This is one of the most popular areas that our doctors treat with dermal filler and it gives an immediate anti-ageing effect.


Chin fillers can help to project the chin outwards or lengthen the chin downwards depending on the desired effect. A rounder shaped face can be elongated with the use of extra chin length and a weaker jawline can be corrected by projecting the chin and improving the profile. Juvéderm Voluma is often used by our doctors for this procedure as it lasts 12-18 months and sits well in the chin area. Botox can also be used to smooth the overlying surface of the chin and eliminate a “pebbling” effect.


You may have noticed that your jawline has lost shape and definition. It may no longer be as tight and sharp as it once was. This can be corrected with carefully placed dermal filler along the jawline. A thick product can be used like Teoxane ultimate or Ultra deep which lasts 12-18 months.

A recent aesthetic trend has also been to strengthen the jawline of younger clients, enhance the definition and make the jaw more angular. Our doctors are skilled at balancing the overall features of the face and advising how the cheeks, jawline and chin can be treated in combination to create a stunning profile.

Smokers / Lipstick Lines

Lipstick lines or barcode lines run vertically downwards towards your top lip. They can be treated with a combination approach of Botox and dermal filler. Botox reduces the muscle movement around the mouth which causes the creasing and dermal filler replaces the volume which has been lost with age and improves the texture of the skin. White Swan doctor’ use a beautifully soft dermal filler product to ensure the results are natural.

Glabella/Frown Line

Botox is the best preventative option for the crease between the eyebrows but if the line is too deep then dermal filler may need to be used, in addition, to create the desired result. This is a very delicate and risky area if the correct technique is not used. Our doctors all have detailed anatomical knowledge and are skilled at administering filler in the glabella area.

Tear Trough

As you age, the area under the eyes called the tear trough can become more prominent. It gives the appearance of dark circles, making you look tired. Our Redensity II product by Teoxane not only plumps out the under eye hollowing but actually brightens the colour and improves the quality of the overlying skin. All of our doctors have undergone specialist training for this area and only use a cannula technique to minimise bruising and ensure maximum safely. For this reason, the under eye is one of our specialised dermal filler areas and is charged at £450 per treatment.

Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping

Dermal filler rhinoplasty is one of our advanced dermal filler areas and is therefore charged at £450 per treatment. Our doctors have undergone specialist training to enable them to artistically and carefully re-shape the nose. Bumps, narrow bridges and drooping nose tips can all be improved with the simple use of dermal filler and the effects are immediate, no surgery required..


When temple hollows begin to appear, it has a dramatic ageing effect. Our doctors full face assessment will quickly identify the need for temple treatment and advise clients how this will restore the overall face shape back to its previous, more youthful, shape. A thick filler is the most ideal product for this area which can last 12-18 months. Our doctors will often select Juvéderm Voluma.

Acne Scarring

Acne scarring can leave demarcations and pitting of the skin which can be corrected by the use of dermal filler, chemical peels, microneedling (professional Dermaroller), retinol or a combination of a few treatments. Dr Aisha and Dr Mo can offer comprehensive advise on the remarkable skin transformations that are possible with non-surgical aesthetics.

Liquid facelift

This is a special technique that White Swan doctors use to create a non-surgical facelift effect with the use of multiple syringes of dermal filler of different types and thicknesses. This technique requires an experienced doctor with a keen eye for detail and who is able to assess the face as a whole to determine which areas of volume loss need to be treated, and in what combination, to create the desired lifted effect.

Pricing from £250

More Information

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Procedure time

30 minutes

Time it takes to work

Immediately visible but swelling remains for 1-3 days

Back to work

Depending on the site of injection up to 24 hrs



Sensitivity period

1 hour

Duration of results

6-9 months


Bruising, swelling, redness Allery (very rare) All fillers can be reversed if necessary

Full recovery

24 hours

Step-by-step Process

First, the client has a full consultation with a White Swan dentist and ‘before’ photos are taken.

The client then has numbing cream placed over the area. As dentists, White Swan practitioners can completely numb the area with a dental block, making the procedure completely pain free.

Then the area is treated with the dermal filler until the client is happy with the appearance. It is important for the clinician to manipulate and smooth all the filler gel so that there are no lumps and bumps. The area will be red and swollen for 1-2 days and there may be some bruising, which can be reduced with the use of Arnica.

After a week the filler gel will be completely set and smooth and the effect can be fully appreciated.