Eyelash Lengthening

Our prescription-only eyelash lengthening treatment is the only fully licensed, clinically proven product in the UK to lengthen, darken and thicken your own natural eyelashes. You simply apply the solution to the base of your upper lashes daily and results can be seen in as little as 4-6 weeks.

The product is a prostaglandin, which works by increasing the length of time that your natural lashes are in their growth phase. It requires continuous use if you want to maintain their increased thickness and length but is easily incorporated in your daily night-time routine.

This solution was originally used in the NHS to treat glaucoma, which is a common eye condition involving damage to the optic nerve. At that point all the elderly ladies and gentlemen using the treatment were found to have developed these long, dark beautiful lashes. From then on the solution has been used for eyelash lengthening in the aesthetic world too, and with great success.

There are numerous reasons why your eyelashes might not be growing as they should, such as infections, a possible thyroid imbalance, a vitamin deficiency, and alopecia to name just a few. If you notice that your eyelashes are thinning, which is often linked to general hair thinning as well, then you should investigate the possible cause through your GP.

Poor make up habits and overly rubbing your eyes can also cause your eyelashes to fall out. Having your own eyelash lengthening treatment avoids all the difficulties and irritation associated with false eyelashes, which is why so many clients love it and cannot be without it.

Pricing from £70

10-week course


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More Information

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Procedure time

Consultation and prescription Daily use at night

Time it takes to work

1-3 months

Back to work



No anaesthetic needed

Duration of results

6-9 months


Pigmentation and eye changes in light coloured eyes

Step-by-step Process

Consultation with a White Swan doctor

Apply eyelash serum on upper eyelashes before bed each night with a micro brush

After 4 weeks initial eyelash changes will be seen

After 6-8 weeks eyelashes will be thicker, darker and longer


Am I suitable for eyelash lengthening?

Lumigan/Latisse prescription eyelash lengthening serum will work on all eyelashes. However, in rare cases with lighter colour eyes it can cause brown flecks. This is why we insist on an in person or remote consultation before sending you the product.


Can I still wear mascara after my treatment?

Hopefully, you’ll find that you don’t need to wear mascara once you’ve had eyelash lengthening. However, if you still choose to do so then it will not affect the results whatsoever.