Overview – Profhilo vs Dermal Filler

Profhilo is a fantastic skin remodeller for the 35+ market as it replaces the hyaluronic that is lost as you age. It is injected into 5 very precise points on each side of the face (the sites of maximum cell regeneration) at exactly the correct layer of the skin. It is particularly good at improving the texture of skin on the face and neck, giving an overall lift and refreshed appearance. However, its results are a lot less targeted than other non-surgical injectable treatments (botox/dermal fillers, etc) and therefore it requires very careful client selection. It is an ideal treatment for clients wanting a completely natural lift – Profhilo, unlike dermal fillers, has no structure and so can never look “over done”.

Dermal fillers do replace volume and plump the tissues. Aside from anatomical knowledge and considerations, one of the most important aspects to dermal filler treatment is the artistic element that comes with selecting the correct product according to the client’s skin type, area of the face and the treatment aim. The more cross-linked the product, the thicker it is and therefore the longer it will last. However, this has to be balanced up against the fact that the thicker dermal fillers will not integrate into the facial tissues as easily. There are many gold standard dermal filler brands – Juvederm, Restylane, Teoxane, Aliaxin, etc but all of them offer slightly different properties and variations – for example, the Teoxane redensity range have enhanced additives aimed at revitalising the skin and Juvederm’s Voluma great at replacing bony volume that has been lost with age. In order to deliver the best treatment, doctors should have knowledge about all these product ranges at their fingertips. At White Swan, we place huge emphasis on the importance of careful product selection, safe and accurate injecting and, of course, an artistic eye. That is why our tag line is “Masters of Facial Artistry”.