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Skin Booster Treatment in Guildford

White Swan Aesthetics

54 Quarry St



White Swan Aesthetics are pleased to announce a range of skin booster treatments are now available from our state of the art clinic in Guildford. 

Skin boosters are a new way to rehydrate your skin.  A gel made from hyaluronic acid is gently injected into the target area using tiny needles. Hyaluronic acid – which occurs naturally in the body- attracts up to one thousand times it’s own weight in water, resulting in a more hydrated result. 

Skin boosters don’t change the shape or contour of your face in the way traditional fillers do, the booster is used to rehydrate and encourage natural collagen production in the area injected.

For more information please call to arrange an appointment with one of our qualified medical professional staff or click the button below to make a booking. 

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More Information

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Procedure time

30 minutes

Time it takes to work

Immediately visible - best results allow 4 weeks

Back to work



Topical numbing cream

Sensitivity period

1 hour

Duration of results

6-9 months


Mild bruising/swelling

Full recovery

24-48 hours