Advanced Skin Resurfacing – Remodel, Refresh, Rejuvenate

At White Swan Aesthetics, we understand the power of advanced skin resurfacing to help rejuvenate the dermis and remedy a plethora of common concerns. Each of our treatments are carefully selected based on superior quality and unrivalled results, as well as to complement the existing offerings at our clinics. Whether your skin is looking and feeling dull and tired, or whether you’re plagued with premature ageing and pigmentation concerns, a touch of bespoke skin resurfacing might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Skin Resurfacing Treatments

Chemical peels are a reliable go-to treatment option for exfoliating and brightening the skin. Our doctors love the Obagi® Blue Peel Radiance as a versatile skin treatment known for its simplicity and highly effective results. The benefits of this superficial peel are seen after just one session and absolutely no downtime is required. With that said, we recommend 4-6 treatments if you want to capitalise on the numerous benefits it provides. This acid-based peel is ideal for treating the following skin concerns:

  • Symptoms of premature ageing, including fine lines, wrinkles and laxity
  • A dull complexion and an uneven tone and texture
  • Pigmentation concerns, such as sun spots, photoageing and similar blemishes.
  • Acne

One of the best things about the Obagi® Blue Peel Radiance is that it isn’t only limited to treating the face – it can be used for safe and effective skin resurfacing for the neck, shoulders and upper back too. Your White Swan doctor will customise your peel to meet your needs, taking into consideration your unique symptoms and your skin type to achieve the best results.

On that same note, Obagi® is our brand of choice when it comes to medical grade skincare.

Depending on your individual concerns, we’ll recommend one or a combination of professional skincare systems from Obagi® to help revitalise your complexion. Obagi® Nu-Derm is the most popular option we carry. It has been designed to completely reprogramme the skin over 4-6 weeks to help tackle pigmentation concerns and the signs of premature ageing. Alternatively, CLENZIderm offers prescription-strength acne control while their Retinol Cream penetrates deep into the skin to combat wrinkles. Ask our experts about Obagi® medical grade skincare!

Alternatively, Profhilo® is currently one of our most popular treatment options at White Swan Aesthetics. This innovative, award-winning injectable works from within, remodelling your skin from the inside-out. The highly concentrated hyaluronic acid solution is the first of its kind, naturally tightening and firming the skin while also hydrating and smoothing, resulting in a thoroughly rejuvenated complexion. Dermal cell stimulation ensures long-term results like never before.

If body contouring is on your wishlist, Profhilo® Body is an option. This multifaceted injectable can be customised to address skin laxity in areas such as the under arms and the abdomen. As a non-invasive procedure with minimal side effects, it is often considered the perfect lunchtime treatment.

Finally, to give your skin a gentle, yet effective boost, ask our doctors about Sunekos and Viscoderm skin boosters. Another duo of injectable favourites, both of these treatments are designed to promote the natural production of collagen and elastin and combat the signs of premature ageing. Each of the unique formulas are bursting with hyaluronic acid, an essential for healthy, youthful skin.

Speak To A Doctor

At our White Swan clinics, we offer a number of treatment packages to encapsulate your needs. When it comes to skin resurfacing, we suggest our Feather Soft Skin package! With savings of £150, transform your skin through a combination of Profhilo® treatments and Obagi® Nu-Derm skincare. Expect radiant tone and flawless texture in just a few short visits!

The best way to approach your skincare is to consult our doctors at White Swan Aesthetics. Extensive training and experience allows them to take a holistic approach to aesthetic care, putting you and your specific needs and the heart of your treatment plan. It might be that a combination of treatments will manifest the best results for you, which is why we take a “full face” approach to facial artistry. 

Let’s discuss your treatment goals together during a 1-2-1 consultation. Get in touch here or call 0333 5777 926 or email booking@whiteswanaesthetics.co.uk and a member of our team will get you booked in as soon as possible.