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As we grow more mature, our profile naturally gives in to gravity: the front portion of the cheek line flattens, leaving an unsightly sag, consigning our once-youthful rounded contours to history.

But never fear – for nature can be reversed.

There are many ways of re-augmenting lost definition, volume, and symmetry; returning tautness to the skin, and realigning the height of the cheekbones.

Our skilled, professional clinicians excel in restoring the natural look. Our intensive 6-point consultation programme is designed to create your unique treatment so that we can translate your requirements into the perfect solution for a natural-looking return to your best.

Using skillfully administered dermal fillers, in combination with a subtle use of Botox and other tried-and-tested treatments, we can help re-contour your face, enhancing your natural bone structure, and restoring the youthful surface of your skin – so that the face that you see in the mirror looks more like you.

Our cheek filler therapies can be used along with our Profhilo skin remodelling treatments, as well as our prescription Obagi skincare range that will enhance the results and prolong the effects of your treatment.

White Swan Aesthetics use market-leading products for all cosmetic procedures, including Juvederm, Restylane, Teosyal, and Aliaxin.

Come and enjoy our discreet services in our luxury Caterham salon where our qualified professionals will treat you to world-class service and will ensure you leave looking and feeling your absolute best.