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Dermal Fillers are a wonderful way to re-contour facial features including the lips, cheeks and jaw or simply target a deeper line or fold. Our doctors use the most effective and natural dermal filler technology on the market to target nose-to-mouth and frown lines as well as offering specialised treatment areas like tear trough under eye fillers and chin crease enhancement. All our doctors have advanced qualifications in cosmetic procedures and specialise in non-surgical nose and jawline reshaping with dermal filler. They understand and appreciate the artistic element to achieving beautifully expert results. Our doctors use market leading products including Juvederm and Restylane and tailor their product choice to match the clients’ specific needs and the area being treated in order to achieve the most aesthetic results.

At your first appointment, our doctors will carry out White Swan’s carefully crafted 6-point consultation protocol before undergoing any treatment to ensure that they truly understand your facial proportions, skin type and treatment goals and can deliver dermal filler results which complement and enhance your existing features. It also allows them to identify other aesthetic treatments or skincare which, in combination with the dermal fillers, would help to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our Clapham clinic is centrally located on the leafy Northcote road, a stone’s throw from Clapham Junction station. Our team in Clapham are dedicated, knowledgeable and able to competently guide you through the entire treatment process. For more information or to book, please contact one of our dedicated treatment coordinators on .

Treatment Areas


Lip fillers are one of the most popular treatments in our Clapham clinic and we see a full range of clients from those who are younger and desire a fuller, more voluptuous pout to more mature ladies aiming to restore their lip definition, shape and texture.

Our Clapham doctors are expert at creating beautiful dermal lip fillers using only the smoothest products including Juvederm and Restylane. Their artistic eye carefully analyses your lips proportions, lip ratio and other facial features to create lips which work in balance with your face.

Our lip filler treatments can:
Increasing lip volume
Improve definition
Smooth the lip texture
Provide a more youthful shape and smile
Reduce lipstick lines and smoker’s lines


Dermal filler carefully administered in the cheeks can recontour the face, enhance bone structure and create a ‘lift’. There are many ways to augment cheeks – create definition, volume, improve symmetry, plump our areas of volume loss and add height to the cheek bones.

Cheek fillers can be used in combination with our Profhilo skin remodelling treatments to enhance the results and prolong the duration of the treatment.

Nasolabial / Marionettes

The lines that extend from the nose to the mouth and the marionette lines which extend from the mouth downwards can both be very effectively treated with dermal filler. Our cannula technique minimises any bruising or swelling and means our doctors get a beautifully smooth result. This is one of the most popular areas that our doctors treat with dermal filler and it gives an immediate anti-ageing effect.


Defining and improving someone’s profile is the latest trend in aesthetics and this starts with ensuring the chin rests in line, or just behind, the lower lip when viewed from the side profile. Length can also be added to the chin with dermal filler to elongate a rounder-shaped face. The chin itself can also lose its bony structure and become dimpled with age. This can be treated with a combination of a thick dermal filler like our Teosyal Ultimate and Botox to smooth the surface.


Perhaps you are noticing that your jawline has lost shape and definition, something that can happen with age. This can lead to sagging and jowls developing which can be disguised with carefully placed dermal filler. Filler placed at the angle of your jaw also sharpens your side profile and when combined with chin filler, can make a dramatic improvement to your profile. Our Juvéderm products can last up to 12 months and our Voluma or Teosyal Ultra Deep products can last up to 18 months.

Smokers / Lipstick Lines

Lipstick and Smoker’s lines can be skilfully treated with dermal fillers, restoring the balance and definition to your facial profile. Subtle use of Botox and lip fillers can pleasantly fill out thin lips, avoiding a “gummy smile”. The lips themselves can also look and feel “deflated” and a soft Lip filler can treat this and improve the texture of the lips. Combining dermal filler in the mouth area with Botox will give the best long-term results. The addition of the Botox gives a long-term preventative effect to stop new barcode wrinkles forming.

Tear Trough

You might notice as you get older that the area around your eyes, called the tear trough, can become sunken. This can lead to the appearance of dark circles, making you look more tired. Hollowing and darkening of the under-eye area can be treated by our skilled doctors using artistically placed dermal filler. We only use specialist under-eye products for this delicate region like Teosyal Redensity II or Aliaxin SR and specialise in a cannula technique which is the safest way to administer the treatment and reduces the risk of bruising.

Glabella/Frown Line

Botox is the best preventative option for the crease between the eyebrows but if the line is too deep then dermal filler may need to be used, in addition, to create the desired result. This is a very delicate and risky area if the correct technique is not used. Our doctors all have detailed anatomical knowledge and are skilled at administering filler in the glabella area.

Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping

If you don’t like the way your nose looks but do not want a surgical rhinoplasty, this treatment might be what you are looking for. Using a dermal filler around the nose can help reshape it without the need for surgery. A small amount of filler can treat minor deformities and can also be used to fine-tune results after surgery. A drooping nose tip, a twisted nose, eliminating a bump and thinning the nose tip can all be achieved with dermal filler alone. The procedure is fully non-surgical and therefore there is very little downtime and immediate results.


Temples are one of the areas which hollow with age, as the underlying bone is lost and the area sinks in. A beautiful thick dermal filler like Juvéderm Voluma can very effectively plump out these temples into their previously more rounded shape. It may not be an area that many clients come in requesting but our doctors often identify temple hollowing and recommend treatment with filler. Clients are amazed what a transformation this small tweak can make.

Acne Scarring

A beautifully thin dermal filler, which can be easily spread and massaged into the skin, is ideal for treating acne scarring and other types of scars. RHA2 by Teosyal or Aliaxin SR are both perfect options for this. It takes a skilled and experienced physician to treat scarring effectively with dermal filler.

Dermal Filler for Hand Rejuvenation

The hands can sometimes be a dead giveaway of someone’s age and now there are many non-surgical solutions to combat this. Dermal filler can plump the hands to reduce a bony appearance, skinboosters and Profhilo can improve the quality and texture of the hands and our Obagi medical grade creams can reduce the sun damage and dark spots. This combination of treatments will give a full hand transformation.

Liquid facelift

This specialist White Swan technique uses dermal filler in multiple areas and with varying thicknesses to create an overall non-surgical “facelift effect”. After a bespoke consultation, the areas of volume loss will be identified and a treatment plan constructed, mapping out all the required treatment areas. Multiple syringes of dermal filler are used to achieve this lifting and overall anti-ageing effect.