Dermal Fillers In Epsom

Dermal Fillers are a wonderful way to re-contour facial features including the lips, cheeks and jaw or simply target a deeper line or fold. Dr Raj uses the most effective and natural dermal filler technology on the market to target nose to mouth and frown lines as well as offering specialised treatment areas like tear trough under eye fillers and chin crease enhancement.

Dr Raj is a fully qualified doctor with advanced qualifications in cosmetic procedures who specialises in non-surgical nose and jawline reshaping with dermal filler. He also has a gift for understanding and appreciating the artistic element to achieving a beautifully expert result.

Our doctors, including Dr Raj in Epsom, use market leading products including Juvederm and Restylane and tailor their product choice to match the clients’ specific needs and the area being treated in order to achieve the most aesthetic result.

Dr Raj will carry out White Swan’s carefully crafted 6-point consultation protocol before undergoing any treatment to ensure that he truly understands your facial proportions, skin type and treatment goals and can deliver dermal filler results which complement and enhance your existing features. It also allows Dr Raj to identify other aesthetic treatments or skincare which, in combination with the dermal fillers, would help to achieve the best possible outcome.

The clinic is in the heart of the Epsom town centre with dedicated parking and all consultations are complimentary. Our team in Epsom is dedicated, knowledgeable and able to competently guide you through the entire treatment process. For more information or to book, please contact one of our dedicated treatment coordinators on 03335777926.